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Lists of Resources
  1. Aardvark's Best of the Web (ditto)
  2. About.com: Arts/Literature Index
  3. Adam Curry's Metaverse
  4. ArtsNet at Carnegie Mellon
  5. Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet -- Music
  6. Carnegie Mellon University's English Server - Music
  7. Classical USA: Classical Music on the Net
  8. Classical Music Online
  9. Classical Music Pages / Matt Boynick
  10. Classical Net / L.D. Lampson
  11. ClassicWeb
  12. Cloud 9 Entertainment Center (Virtuocity)
  13. Concert Web
  14. Contemporary Classical Music Archive
  15. Cool Links - Music
  16. Cybercore ?
  17. Doug's Music Links ?
  18. Dungeon Network Systems Roadmap: The Music Room
  19. Electron Music (Links to the greatest music sites on the Web)
  20. Eyeneer Music Archives - seeks to make comprehensive information about music publicly available. Sections include: International Music, Contemporary Classical Music, American Music, Modern Jazz, and more.
  21. Great Midwest Music Underground
  22. Great Music Sites Collection
  23. Hakans Musicpage: (links to Norwegian artists)
  24. the Harmony Music List
  25. Visual & Performing Arts INFOMINE, UCR
  26. Internet Music Pages
  27. Internet Music Resource Guide
  28. JT's World of Fine Music ?
  29. Van Ketel's Music Index
  30. A list of links from rec.music.info
  31. Mammoth Music Meta-List from VIBEonline
  32. Music Around the World Wide Web - (with emphasis on this century / from the University of California, San Diego, Music Library)
  33. Music Archive at the University of Wisconsin - Parkside
  34. Music Interactive
  35. Music Library Rererence Desk Internet Resources (University of Washington Music Library)
  36. Music Link Library / Jane Duff Harris (from the UNC Chapel Hill)
  37. Music Network USA
  38. Music On Line
  39. Music Online! (from CyberTeddy-Online!)
  40. Music (Performing Arts) (From Galaxy)
  41. Music Resources (Icelandic)
  42. Music Resources - Penn Library
  43. Music Resources on the Internet (Maintained by Douglas Stoun - Florida State University)
  44. Music Resources on the Internet (Mantained by Shirley E. Kaiser)
  45. The Music Room ?
  46. Music Sites on the Net : A comprehensive guide to music information available on the Internet for your PC (download dbase)
  47. The Music Trader
  48. Music Yellow Pages!!
  49. Musician.Com
  50. MusicSearch: The Internet's first music-only search site is here with over 15,000 links and growing by over 100 links a day
  51. NetMusic.com (The Gateway to Everything Music on the Web)
  52. New Ages Voices
  53. Norwegian Music Resource List
  54. Online Music Scholarship Resources (from the Institute for Academic Technology)
  55. OnLine Musicians list
  56. Online Resources in Music from Brown Fine Arts Library - Music
  57. Pages.com: Music
  58. Rhythm Net (Music and entertainment for the World Wide Web)
  59. Rice University Music Gopher
  60. Sibelius Academy Music Resources
  61. Southwest Florida Music Resource
  62. StudyWeb--Music
  63. Sympatico: Entertainment: List of links
  64. TSUNAMI on the Internet!
  65. Visual and Performing Arts Resources for Educators / Kelley B. Underwood
  66. Web Widow (music resources list)
  67. Worldwide Internet Music Resources (IU Music Library)
  68. WWW Virtual Library: Music & Classical Music
  69. Yahoo! Internet Life Music Review
  70. Yahoo! Entertainment: Music


  1. A&R Associates -- resources for the independent musician ?
  2. Alt.Music ?
  3. ArtsWire: Online Communications for the Arts
  4. The Bureau LAW scrolls Free legal advice for Artists entering into Record, Publishing and Management Contracts
  5. CultureFinder: The Online Address for the Arts
  6. ftp.nevada.edu
  7. Guide to Research in Music ?
  8. How to Open Doors at A&R, Strategies for Success ?
  9. IAMfree (The Internet Arts Museum for FREE)
  10. An Index to Multimedia Infomation
  11. The LEO MUSIC-Archive (TU Munich)
  12. La Musica nel Ciberspazio ?
  13. Music Information Home Page
  14. Music Medicine - Playing the Piano, Playing ... With Fire A Study of the Occupational Hazards of Piano Playing / by Jónas Sen
  15. Musicnet: Northeast's largest entertainment site
  16. The Musicology Pod
  17. National Musicians Touring Network ?
  18. OrchestraNet - Classical Music Ring
  19. Proposte Artistiche (in Italian)
  20. Rarefaction CD-ROM sound libraries (sound creation)
  21. scores, cd catalogs, guides, sheet music, MusicTex,... -- ftp from GMD
  22. xcf.Berkeley.edu --ftp (BMG)
  23. UK Band Profiles and Discographies ?

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